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This work of art from the Renaissance period is a Unesco World Heritage Site.
The château of Chambord is the biggest château of the Loire and one of the most visited of the Loire Valley.
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Wine Tasting

The Loire Valley is the 3rd wine-producing area of France. It includes several wine-growing regions. These areas produce, dry, semi-sweet, sweet and even syrupy white wines, mostly light red wines and rosé wines. We also find lots of sparkling wines. All these regions are located along of the Loire River and its tributaries.
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Free lunch

Cheverny (free visit)

This classical style château from the 17th century is lavishly furnished and decorated.
It has been inhabited for many generations by its owners.
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Your day closes with the Chateau of Chenonceau
This château from the French Renaissance was erected in the XVIth century by Thomas Bohier, finance collector to Charles VIII, Louis XII and Francis I. Its frequent changes of owners would make a good novel. For four hundred years, women, wives, favourites, and queens, were the happy or unhappy heroines earning the title “The Ladies’ Château”.
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Departure 9h00 – return 19h30