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Your trilingual driver guide

Trilingual (French, English, Spanish), the founder of Odyssée en Val de Loire has been a guide since 2001.
Stéphanie Le Donne offers to the tourists from the four corners of the world, as well as local people, visits to the main chateaux of the Loire by minibus. Running the company she created in 2007, Stéphanie Le Donne also drives the vehicle and ensures the follow-up of the visits on the spot !
In the high season, a dozen guides work with her.

A happy entrepreneur !

At the end of November 2015, Stéphanie Le Donne became the first winner of the Trophée des Audacieuses 2015. For Stéphanie this award was also a tribute to the development of Odyssée en Val de Loire.

It was when she realised that there was no personalised tourist service in Orléans that Stephanie decided to start her own business.
Her first visit dates back to  June 1st, 2007. Since 2012, the company has grown up: so that in 2014, 533 clients used the services of Stéphanie Le Donne to enjoy the beauties of the Loire Valley.

In the near future Stephanie's aim is not for the business to grow in size but to provide ever better services.

"I prefer to stay on a small scale," she says. "Because, what I enjoy is the hands on side of the business, not sitting in an office". Stéphanie Le Donne.