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Conspiracies and plots at the Court

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The Royal Château of Blois is a true panorama of French architecture from the 13th to the 17th century. Each one of its occupants wanted to show its reign : Louis XII, François I and Gaston of Orleans
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The Renaissance château of Chaumont built in the 15th and 16th centuries by the powerful Amboise family, offers one of the most beautiful views on the Loire River.

Here in the XVIth century, Catherine of Medicis, welcomes her astrologer, Ruggieri. One of the chateau towers was then used as an observatory to consult the stars. It is here that the Queen saw into the future, predicting the dark destiny of her 3 sons and the accession of the Bourbon dynasty with Henry IV, to the throne.

Upon the death of her husband, Henri II, Catherine of Medicis used the château of Chaumont as a bargaining counter against Chenonceau in order to expel Diana of Poitiers, her husband’s mistress, from that chateau.
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Free visit of the International garden festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire

(Resilient Garden from April 25rd to November 5th)
Since 1992, 26 gardens specially created by young talents or internationally famous gardeners are presented in the annual festival of Chaumont.

The festival revitalizes the art of gardens and interests both the public and the profession by presenting new blooms, new materials, innovative ideas and approaches.

Of worldwide fame, the festival has become a key meeting place for the presentation of works of a new generation of landscapers, architects, scenographers or gardeners.
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Departure 9h00 – return 18h30