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Château de Chamerolles

Visit the charming 16th century château which is home to the “Promenade des Parfums” Museum which will guide you through the world of perfumes, their history and their makers.

The Dulac family bought this dwelling in the 15th century. It now belongs to the Loiret Department and was opened to the public in 1992 after extensive renovation which took five years.

During your visit, you will walk across the different rooms of the château which have been refurnished in order to give bach the past atmosphear that reigned over the years in the hands of the different owners.

Then, you will see the Museum that deals with the history of perfumes and hygiene century after century. Wink at reminding us of the many cosmetic and perfume production sites located in the Loiret area, often called “Cosmetic Valley”. The visit finishes in the beautiful Renaissance gardens and in the park of the château.

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